Working 4 you: Hit the dorms and stay healthy

Working 4 you: Hit the dorms and stay healthy

SPOKANE, Wash. - For most students who will be hitting campus for the first time this year, the "Freshmen 15" is a real concern. But there are some apps you can use to help. 

When students hit the dorms for the first time, having pizza every night is a real possibility, and it may seem like  a good idea at the time. But that can lead to an unhealthy start to campus life. 

According to dietitians, eating well can be linked to success in the classroom. 

One common problem is too many social events surrounding food. Experts say students should be the one to initiate bringing healthy foods to an event. But that's not always possible, so students should stock healthy foods in their dorm rooms. 

Dietitians recommend keeping simple snacks like peanuts and pistachios in the room. Also, keep kiwis and oranges on hand, these can boost immunity. And you can never go wrong with blueberries. 

"These are going to give you antioxidants," said Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian. "They're going to help keep your skin healthy, help keep you energized, help give you the fiver to fill you up. It's going to taste sweet, but much better for you than say reaching for candy bars or junk food."

And for many college students it's their first time hitting the grocery aisle. That's where the smartphone comes into play!

Heading to the supermarket for the first time alone, many students probably don't know how to tell which produce items are the freshest. For this try using the Harvest app. 

And an app like Fooducate can help decipher labels, especially among popular items like cereal and granola bars, which can sometimes be high in sugar. 

And let's be honest, which college student isn't on a tight budget? Students should check and see if there is an app tied to a supermarket loyalty program at the nearest grocery store. These can help find discounts on deals to stock up on healthy food.