Working 4 You: Getting a cheaper airline ticket

Working 4 You: Getting a cheaper airline ticket

SPOKANE, Wash. - Do you need another reason to be frustrated by airline ticket prices? Next time you fly, ask your seat neighbors how much they paid for their tickets. You'll find the disparity in price can be more than a thousand dollars for the very same flight.

Travel website Hopper.com studied thousands of flights and found price gaps on every one. In one case, they found a flight from Las Angeles to Las Vegas with prices ranging from $200 to $1,600.

The price difference can be attributed to where the tickets were purchased, how packed the flight was and how far in advance the tickets were bought. But, airlines themselves cite government regulations and won't explain the charges.

So, what can you do about it?

First, you can buy your tickets on a Tuesday. Airlines often unveil their deals on Monday nights. By Tuesday, the other airlines are trying to match the price and you can find a great deal.

Also, travel on a Tuesday. It's the least busy travel day of the week and when airlines want to sell their flights, they'll often unload those seats at a lower cost. Also, buy early. Airline experts say the ideal time to buy tickets for a domestic flight is six weeks before your departure date.

Finally, shop around. Compare prices on several different websites and set up alerts so you'll be notified of the lowest fares.

For more information on the Hopper.Com study, see the ABC News story here. For more advice on how to find the cheapest fares, check out this link.