Working 4 You: Best Things to Buy in August

Working 4 You: Best Things to Buy in August

SPOKANE, Wash. - When we think about shopping in August, we typically think of school supplies and back-to-school clothes. But, there are other things you can buy this month and really save some money.

Consumer Reports says August is the best month to buy air conditioners. We still have a lot of hot weather left, but it's the end of the season for retailers. So, they mark down the units to make room for things like snow shovels - and, you get to stay cool through the rest of this summer and beyond.

Speaking of snow, August is a great time to buy snow blowers. Stores are trying to clear out last year's models. As long as it clears the snow, do you really care if the model is a 2013? You can really get some great deals.

August is the perfect time to buy outdoor furniture. Stores want to get rid of these big pieces and you still have plenty of time to enjoy them, this season and next. But, you better move quickly; the selection is already pretty limited.

Finally, most obviously, school supplies. Some parents choose to buy this stuff at the end of the school year, hoping to score a deal. But, competition between stores is what really drives prices. So, it's better to wait until August. Also, this is really the only time of year that people buy school-related backpacks. So, the stores are motivated to sell.

For more on this list and a complete buying guide for these items, check out this link.

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