Working 4 You: Are you more stressed at home or work?

Working 4 you: Is there more stress at work or home?

SPOKANE, Wash. - Most of us lead fairly hectic and stress-filled lives. And if asked if we experience more stress at home or at work, most would likely say work. But a new study out of Penn State University says otherwise. 

The study looked at the lives of 122 married and single working men and women. Each person had to swab their saliva, the most accurate indicator of stress, six times a day -- both at work and at home -- to measure their control levels. 

The results found most people had lower stress levels when they were at work than when they were at home. 

Eve Feuerstein is a mother of two and an assistant principal, who participated in the study. She predicted that her stress levels would be higher at work. 

But when Feuerstein got her results, she was shocked to find that her control levels were higher when she was at home. 

So, why the surprising results?

Researchers believe it is because we care more about what happens at home. We put a higher stake into things that happen there. 

According to some psychologists, to reduce stress at home, they say to make it more like work. They say to add structure to your day and make sure to take breaks from the endless chores and errands.