Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Zaden, Johnathan, and Gianna

Wednesday's Child: Zaden, Johnathan, and Gianna

SEATTLE - This week's Wednesday's Child is three times the fun!

I recently met up with a rambunctious trio currently living apart. It's time these kids are reunited, and growing up together.

It's often said that three's a crowd., but, at the Washington State History Museum, with Zaden, Johnathan, and Gianna, it's just about perfect.

Big brother Zaden recently turned 13. He really enjoys Boy Scouts, being social, and playing lots of sports.

Johnathan is 8, does well in school, loves playing outside, climbing trees, and building forts.

Gianna loves school and playing in the park.

Zaden takes his big brother job seriously.

“We're all family,” Zaden told me.

Right now he is in a different foster home than his siblings.

“I want to be adopted with them, yeah,” he told me.

He wants that for himself and for his siblings.

“It makes them feel safer when they have their big brother around,” Zaden said.

Zaden would love a mom and a dad, a home with pets, and his own room.

The children's social worker would like to hear from interested families who have the skills to meet each child's individual needs. Families who are up for an adventure.

For information on adopting these three children, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411. And, if you'd like to learn about fostering, call the number for Fostering Washington, 1-800-KIDS-414.