Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Sean

Wednesday's Child: Sean

He loves animals and art, in fact, this week's Wednesday's Child is painting a picture of what he'd like in a forever family.


Sean, 12, hopes to go on a safari one day and wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up. He would like to be adopted into a family who loves animals as much as he does.


“I want a family with a lot of animals and I want to go to a zoo some day,” said Sean.


Sean's adoption recruitment team would love the family that adopts Sean to make his care and safety their top priority. I would help if the family has experience or understanding of the impact of trauma on a child's cognitive and emotional development. He'll need a strong advocate.


If you could build Sean into your family, know that he needs supervision, guidance and love.


For more information on how you can provide a safe and loving life for Sean contact Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1 (800) 927-9411.