Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Roman

Wednesday's Child: Roman

There are some things that separate this week's Wednesday's Child from other 12-year-old boys.

Roman looks like your typical 7th grader. He's curious and tried out lots of different things at the Pacific Science Center.

So there's no way for you to know that Roman is an awesome bowler.

"I was in a bowling league," Roman humbly stated.

He wasn't just in a bowling league. He earned trophies and was named most important player!

"My best score is 155," said Roman.

Yep, he's kind of a big deal!

Roman also likes swimming, video games, and would love to do motocross, but he doesn't have a bike.

"It's cool how people get to ride bikes and jump hills," Roman said.

But it's who Roman is on the inside that I think is more impressive than anything else.

He thinks his friends would describe him as nice and funny. Roman said his best quality is, "Being nice to other people."

Roman's social worker told us stories of how Roman treats other people. Roman is kind and inclusive.

Roman deserves to be treated with love and respect by a family that puts his interests first.

"One of those families that care for you, are nice, don't spoil you," is how Roman described his ideal family.

I think he should be spoiled, at least a little.

"That's the point of life, you don't get everything you want," said Roman.

Since Roman doesn't feel comfortable asking for things, I'll do it for him.

This sweet boy should get exactly what he wants in an adoptive family. He should get lots of one-on-one attention. Maybe he could have a cat. And he definitely needs a bike.