Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Payton

Wednesday's Child: Payton

This week's Wednesday's Child, Payton, needs the security and guidance of a forever family.

From picking produce, to choosing cherry pie at Portland's Children's Museum, 6-year-old Payton has it figured out.

She told me that her favorite food is Mac and Cheese.

Talking about her favorite food really helped bring Payton out of her shell.

I learned that she is good at playing.

I'm told she is very gentle and attentive with her baby dolls, and with a pet at her current home.

Checking out animals at the zoo is one of Payton's favorite things.

She likes elephant's best, as well as giraffes, because they look cute and are tall.

They stand out, and so should Payton.

She likes being the center of attention.

In fact, TV may be in her future.

By the time she's ready, I'll probably be ready to hand over the microphone.

Payton could use that mic to sing.

She likes singing, dancing, and creating.

She might be good at building walls, but Payton needs someone in her life who can get beyond them and help heal Payton from hurts.

She needs parents who will love her unconditionally, who will stand beside her and be her champion.

Because she is mighty special!

If you'd like information about adopting Payton, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.