Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child - Nathan


When many people think about adoption, a teenager isn't usually what springs to mind.

Nathan is 15 years old and loves to play baseball.

"I usually play center field, left field and right field. Sometimes I'll do pitcher and first base," he said.

He also loves to spend time in the woods, and wants to do more hiking and camping.

"It's just fun being outside and seeing new things," he said. "I'm kind of an adventurous guy. I like to wander off from the pack and do my own thing."

Nathan often wears a police baseball cap. It was given to him by someone he considers a mentor and says he hopes police work is in his future after joining the Marines.

"It's about helping the people you love and the country you love," he explained.

Love is what Nathan wants the most, particularly from a family with a mom, dad and siblings close to his own age. He hopes is adoptive family will be active and outdoorsy, along with caring.

"I want them to at least pay a little attention to me and know if I was there or not, or hurt or not feeling right or something," he said. "I want a family that can actually do what they need to do and actually take care of my mental and physical needs. And I know most people won't be able to totally do all of that, but I want someone that will at least try."