Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child - Layla

SPOKANE, Wash. - 21786528

Fourteen-year-old Layla loves to sing, so when she came for a tour of the KXLY studio, we encouraged her to do just that.

A recording engineer set Layla up with the music to one of her favorite songs and let her record her own track. She says the words in Shinedown's "Call Me" remind her of her mother.

Layla has had a rough time in foster care, moving frequently from home to home.

"It's hard, it's not fun. But it's better being in a place safer than you were before," she said.

Layla knows she's come far, but still has much more to work through and a solid family is the key.

"They'd help me with problems with my friends and life," she said.

In school Layla loves reading, math and music. Outside of school it's sports and arts.

:"I love to cook, I love to crochet. I'm learning to crochet and I'm getting better at it," she said.

All of these things can be encouraged by Layla's new family. She would prefer to be an only child, and says it doesn't matter if she has two parents or one.

"I'd like a family to know I'm open and I want to have a good supporting family that'll help me with anything," she said.