Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child - Jesus

Wednesday's Child - Jesus

This week's Wednesday's Child is a teen named Jesus who has had a rough life but refuses to give up his good attitude.

Jesus has dealt with heartache, abandonment and loss, but instead of letting it hget him down he turns the hurt into something positive to help others.

"I've not had an easy life," Jesus said. "I take that as a strength, by helping other people and help them have a better life for themselves."

Jesus volunteers at his local Boys and Girls Club, working with younger kids, monitoring games and helping staff. I fact, he was awarded his club's honor of Youth of the Year.

"My whole goal is, be better than my dad, better influence to my whole family, make better choices. When I'm volunteering, I'm doing that choice - being better and helping other people," he said.

Jesus says it doesn't matter if he lives in the city of the country, or whether he has siblings or is an only child. He just knows he wants to be adopted into a loving family.