Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: James

Wednesday's Child: James

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - This week's Wednesday's Child is a giant Seahawks fan!

13-year-old James is an admitted animal lover, so Dave Knutson introduced him to a few of the residents of Dave's horse barn, where James got to brush, feed and visit the animals.

He also got to hear the stories of some collegiate and professional football players who rode those very horses. Some of those men have had the honor of running onto CenturyLink Field on game day, behind the most famous of all Knutson's critters: Taima, the official Seahawks team mascot

“It was awesome, I was scared at first,” James described his meeting with Taima.

Dave has a way of easing the fear and turning it into respect.

“It was like I was Russell Wilson, winning the Super Bowl,” James said.

Speaking of winning the Super Bowl, Dave let James try on Taima's Super Bowl ring. Dave also made sure James took home some treasures.

James had so many great questions about Taima, asking what the hawk eats and how he's able to fly so close to the ground.

James is an inquisitive, personable 13-year-old who said he's like most other teenagers.

“[I] sleep, eat food, the 'usge'... playing games... but I'm also pretty active. I like playing video games a lot, but I'm also active, like, sports, football, wrestling,” James said.

He has a way of turning lemons into lemonade, like recently, when he was bored at a grocery store.

“I asked the lady if I can bag for her and I started bagging and I'm like... 'Thank you for shopping here,' and she said 'Wow, you're great, when you turn 15, start working for us,'” James said.

He likes the idea of a part time job in the future, earning money. But more immediately, he wants and needs a family. One that will be in his corner and make it a priority to really hear him.

“I want them to be able to listen and understand what foster kids have gone through,” said James.

James said he's been through a whole lot in his life, things many of us can't understand.

“Hardships... leaving their family... living with new people,” James described.

For James, family make-up isn't a deal-breaker, his new family could include siblings, or not. One parent or two.

But he insists at least one person in the house can cook, since he has a hollow leg.

He'd also like his family to be outdoorsy.


“Go places... Seahawks games,” James said.

He would like to see his new pal, Taima, in action.

If you'd like information about adopting James, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.