Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Dustin

Wednesday's Child: Dustin

This week's Wednesday's Child is a Teriyaki-eating, animal-loving, sport-playing, Seahawks fan. He also has a smile a mile-wide and a personality that just doesn't stop.

11-year-old Dustin will crack you up!

He is overflowing great qualities.

“[I'm] athletic, good sense of humor, and way more I can't name off,” Dustin listed.

I like that he has good sportsmanship. Dustin didn't gloat too much when he beat me at every single video game we played at GameWorks in Seattle.

“My favorite video game is Madden,” Dustin told me. “Like Madden 16. I feel like that's the best graphics, 17 will probably be better.”

Dustin is a big Star Wars fan. He's looking forward to the next movie, Rogue One

“That's all about Han Solo and his past life,” Dustin said. “I sort of want to see that a lot, because Kylo Ren is my favorite character.”

The bad guy? Kylo Ren?

“I just like his suit and mask and his lightsaber,” Dustin assured me. “I don't like his personality.”
Another interesting thing about Dustin: he rather enjoys fashion and has been known to change his clothes throughout the day. And, he loves shoes.

“When I get shoes, I sack them like a pack rat, because I love shoes so much,” said Dustin.

Dustin also loves his Seattle Seahawks. Especially wide receiver, Tyler Lockett.

“He's respectful and he's not shy for the cameras, unlike Marshawn Lynch, and he fully answers the questions.”

Dustin would love to be like Lockett.

“Hopefully I could be a football player, a Seahawks football player, and then I want to be a broadcaster for the Seahawks like Steve Raible,” said Dustin.

He likes the drama and when his team scores!

But, the ultimate score for Dustin would be adoption. “So I can have a new start,” he said.

Dustin would like a home with other kids about the same age, and parents who would offer what every child deserves. “Give me support when I'm down,” Dustin said. “Love me.”

Dustin's new family is in for one heck of an adventure!