Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Danny

Wednesday's Child: Danny

This week's Wednesday's child is a sweet 10-year-old boy who likes video games and the outdoors.

Danny is an easy-going 4th grader who has no problem entertaining himself, but interacts well with adults and kids his own age.

At recess he and his buddies like to pretend they're saving the world.

"I play this game, the world is about to end, it's just a fake game, we try to catch villains, destroy villains and stuff," explained Danny.

He's not just a good guy in play. Danny also likes to be a good guy in real life. When he's adopted he wants to be an older brother.

"What I would say being a good big brother is I do stuff for the younger kids, and I really like doing stuff," said Danny.

Danny deserves a family that will enjoy him for who he is and guide him as he grows. All he wants is parents to look out for him.

"Always watching out for me a lot, and liking to do what I sometimes want to do," said Danny.

That should be pretty easy if you like pizza, ice cream and having fun.

If you would like information on adopting Danny, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.

And, to learn about foster parenting, call Fostering Together.