Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Anjal, Makaio, and Eli

Wednesday's Child: Anjal, Makaio, and...

It was about 2 and a half years ago when we first met these three little cuties at the Portland Zoo. We were trying to help them connect with a forever family.

Fast forward to 2017, and they are still waiting.

This time, we were re-introduced to them at the Children's Museum.

Anjal is now 10, and her younger brother, who's 8, goes by the name Makaio.

The youngest now likes to be called Eli, and he's 6.

These sweet siblings have special needs, with Makaio being the most verbal of the three.

“I like to play on the Wii and I like the games on an Xbox, and then I just like to ride my bike and exercise a lot,” he siad.

Makaio also likes trains, and school. In fact, all the kids enjoy going to school.

He says big sister Anjal likes to copy people and play. She also likes playing in the water.

Makaio says the best thing about Anjal is her personality. He also says Eli's best asset is his personality.

Eli likes playing with balls, blocks, and puzzles.

It's time the pieces are put into place for these children, with an adoptive home.

Social workers are looking for a skilled family with working knowledge of caring with children who have special developmental needs.

The parents will need to collaborate with providers to offer the right kinds of services for each child.

They'll need to run a stable, loving home.

Right now Eli and Makaio are in the same foster home, but they want to be adopted, along with Anjal, into one family, “so that they can watch out for each other.”

If you'd like information about adopting these three children, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.