Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Andre

Wednesday's Child: Andre

This week's Wednesday's Child, Andre, is an architect-in-the-making.

If 10-year-old Andre had his choice, he'd be playing with Legos

"I like building stuff," said Andre.

Building stuff may be his future career. Andre would like to be an engineer and build planes when he grows up

He also likes video games and gaming systems, Pokemon cards and Star Wars movies of all kinds.

"I have all three Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars 2, Lego Star Wars 3, " said Andre.

Andre is on summer break, but said his favorite thing to do during recess in the fourth grade was to ride the merry-go-round.

"Sometimes I fly off," explained Andre. He doesn't get hurt, but he does get dizzy.

In the fall, Andre will be a 5th grader, so something else might be his new favorite. But according to Andre his favorite foods won't changing anytime soon.

He loves pizza and ice cream. Rocky Road and Rainbow Sherbert are his favorite flavors.

Andre is a sweet boy who is ready for a mom and dad to adopt him and make him part of their family. He'd also like siblings and hopes they'll like the same things he does.

If you would like information on adopting Andre, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.