Wednesday's Child

This week's Wednesday's Child: Evan

This week's Wednesday's Child: Evan

SEATTLE, Wash. - The goal of our Wednesday's Child stories is to help connect a child in foster care with a forever home. This week's Wednesday's Child has been waiting a long time for a family.

Evan was a little excited to see the games at Dorky's Arcade in Seattle.

He tore up the Mario Kart race course.

Then it was off to his favorite thing, Batman, trying to fight the bad guys.

10-year-old Evan is definitely one of the good guys.

Karen knows Evan better than most. She's his social worker, whose priority is to find Evan the right family.

“He has a big heart...he always has a positive outlook on life,” Karen said. “He just needs someone who will be there for him, support him, and love him.”

Evan has some delays and will need extra attention.

Karen said a family who has experience with kids like Evan would be best.

“He's gonna need extra time and extra support, but he's gonna be happy doing it.”

He has a smile just about all the time, especially doing things he likes.

“I ride my bike all the time,” Evan said.

His favorite food is pizza. He also likes animals, campfires, s'mores, school, and his teachers.

“He loves to make people laugh, that's one of his favorite things to do is help people,” said Karen.

He's the one who needs help now. He's growing up foster care. It's time Evan has the stability of a forever family.

“I think he'll be a great addition to any family.”

If you would like information about adopting Evan, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.