Wednesday's Child

Sammi's adoption success story

SPOKANE, Wash. - KXLY4 aims at connecting families with children who need homes in Wednesday's Child segments. This week the station is happy to report one child, Sammi, was adopted.

In the fall of 2011, KXLY4 aired Sammi's story. It was because of that story that the smiley little girl found a forever family.

"Oct. 12,, early in the morning we saw a clip for Wednesday's Child for that night. And I was like, 'No. Wait a minute. That's Sammi,'" said Sammi's new mother Trisha.

Trisha and Jason's son started a new school the month before they saw the story. That's where Trisha met Sammi.

Sammi's adoption success story

"The very first day, I went with him and wanted to make sure everything was good because it was a new school. I hung out on the very first day. I met Sam and we connected," said Trisha.

Trisha said that connection was special.

"So we just talked a lot for the whole hour and a half that I was there. I went home and told my husband all about her," said Trisha.

She didn't know Sammi was in foster car until the Wednesday's Child story aired.

Trisha then emailed KXLY4 and was very excited to learn Sammi needed a home. She was then put in touch with Sammi's social worker and 6 months later, she was in a packed Spokane courtroom for the adoption.

"It sounds like this is the very best place for her with all these friends that have come to see her. And I know will support her family and her as she gets older. I expect she's going to have a really happy life with her new family," said judge Kathleen O'Connor.

Now Sammi has a mom, dad and two brothers. Mom said they kids treat each other just like siblings by loving one minute and bickering the next.

Sam now has her own kitten named Mylo, is signed up for a dance class and likes to put on shows for her family.

It's a family that has opened their hearts to Sam. But what this little girl has done for them is priceless.

"I'm overwhelmed. I didn't know it was going to be this wonderful. We had plans for our family to be two and things happened and God said no," said Trisha.