Wednesday's Child

Lynwood Loves Video Games And Stories

Kids all over the world are counting down to Christmas, but one little boy's Christmas wish is unlike most others, because more than anything, he'd like to be adopted.

It was a chilly blacktop basketball court, where I met Lynnwood. The 9-year-old was just given a big box of hotwheels to add to his already abundant collection, and he just got a cool race track. A cool, yet complicated race track.

I am, obviously, no race track assembly expert, but I get the feeling Lynnwood is and it was even tricky for him.

"This is kinda weird, i never had them this difficult," Lynwood said about the race track.

The good news is he had no problem checking out the instructions, and piece by piece, it starting coming together.

Lynnwood is a curious boy who likes watching National Geographic specials for kids. He also likes BMX biking, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, and like many other 9 year old boys he likes to play video games.

His favorite game is about monsters

"You use the monsters and destruct the buildings, and the more buildings you destruct, the more people you get," said Lynwood as he described his game.

He'd be a kick to have around.

Though he's an active 9-year-old, Lynnwood's social worker says he likes to cuddle and have stories read to him, and that he needs a home with structure, a family that will nurture and love him now and as he races into adulthood.