Wednesday's Child

Kane loves bowling and watching home improvement shows

SPOKANE, Wash. - When KXLY4's Robyn Nance met 18-year-old Kane, he was enjoying a horse ride at the Starlit Moon Stable in Spokane. Although Kane exhibits characteristics of autism, she found there is a lot to love.

Dusty Beaman is the project manager where Kane lives. Beaman says Kane is non-verbal, but that doesn't mean he can't communicate.

"Kane does know sign. He does recognize American Sign Language, but I call it Kananese. He definitely uses his own sign and does his own things. I really think he's learned (that) because he can hear and understand. He's nonverbal (but) he just basically picked up how to communicate from other people," said Beaman.

Kane loves bowling and watching home improvement shows

Beaman said he spends a lot of time with Kane and knows him well.

"He's one of my good friends," said Beaman.

He describes Kane and outgoing, curious and sometimes mischievous.

"For the most part, he's just a great kid. He's warm, fun to be around, he has a great sense of humor (and he's always joking). (He's) always being the funny guy," said Beaman.

Kane expressed he is fascinated with phone books, likes bowling, doing puzzles and watching home improvement shows. Beaman said he gets a lot of personal attention and that needs to continue with a new family.

"(They should have) maybe a couple kids. A family that can give Kane a lot of one-on-one attention. He requires a lot of supervision. (He needs) just a good loving home that has the ability to care for his special need," Beaman said.

It may seem like Kane's forever family will be giving so much of themselves in caring for Kane. However, Beaman says they will get so much more in return.

"He teaches patience, love and companionship," said Beaman.

For more information on adopting Kane, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.