Wednesday's Child

Heather loves to read books and garden


This week's Wednesday's Child is a self-described bookworm.

Heather loves going to book stores where she can trade in old books for new ones. Her favorite books are anime and she has a giant collection at home.

Besides reading Heather likes video games and tv, but she's not a couch potato. Every summer she looks forward to getting out of the house for summer camp.

"They have cabins that are like barns with bunk beds on the walls," she told us. "The best part is after you ride horses and eat lunch you get to go swimming in the pool."

Heather also loves to garden and would love a family with siblings that she can share that passion with.

"A little sister, maybe an older sister or a little brother," she said.

Heather has autism but is considered high-functioning. She needs a family who can provide her with structure and will appreciate her sense of humor and sweet heart.