Wednesday's Child

Courtney starts her sophomore year of high school

SPOKANE, Wash. - The first day of school is fast approaching, and a new school year deserves a fresh start.

That is just what this week's Wednesday's Child is getting, with the help of some new friends

In just a couple of weeks, Courtney starts her second year of high school.

Courtney starts her sophomore year of high school

"It's a bigger school, with a lot more people and older kids, so, I'm a little nervous," Courtney said.

Courtney is a friendly young lady who lacks confidence, but is willing to try new things.

She likes hanging out with friends and read.

She also likes to watch wrestling; Jeff Hardy is her favorite wrestler.

And she loves animals, especially horses.

"I think they're very pretty, and they're fun to ride and you just have to know how to be gentle with them so that they don't freak out," she said.

Courtney would love to be adopted into a family with horses, or with access to them.

A mom and dad would be great; she'd like to be the only child at home.

Mostly, she'd just like to be stable

"I could stay in one place for the rest of my life pretty much and not have to keep moving, 'cause I'm tired of moving," Courtney said.

Staying in the Spokane area would be best for Courtney.

She hopes to keep in contact with her biological father and she doesn't want to leave her friends.

This young lady would bring a lot to a family

"I'm kind and I have a really good heart and I try to be nice," she said, "I'm really caring, I care about animals and I think I have a really good heart."