Wednesday's Child

Benji Needs A Hero Family

SPOKANE, Wash. - It wasn't long after Benjamin was born prematurely, that he got very sick. Doctors didn't give him a very good chance for survival.

Benji's foster mom, Becky Keifer, says one doctor is even surprised that he is still alive.

Becky has taken care of Benji since birth, but is not in a position to adopt the 2 1/2 year old.

He has regular medical visits and takes a lot of medication.

Benji is an active little boy who loves to snuggle.

"He's Very cuddly, loves to be held, loves to be picked up," says Becky. She adds, "He's more than just a cute face. He's a precious little boy who has a lot of needs."

Becky says that Benji will do best with a small family, and at least one parent who stays at home.

Benji requires a lot of hospitalizations, and needs a hero family that's willing to take that on.