Wednesday's Child

Avisha loves sports and wants to be a dancer

The school year is wrapping up, and it's been another one spent in foster care for this week's Wednesday's Child. Our hope for Avisha is that this will be his last.

You're most likely to find Avisha on the courts, the fields, or anywhere else you can play a sport.

"I like playing football, basketball, soccer, hackey sack, wall ball," he told us. "Different kinds of sports."


School is also a favorite for Avisha, both spending time with his friends and being in the classroom.

"I'm mostly popular. I have lots of friends, I'm good with the teachers, good with the kids, nice to them, have fun with them, play lots of sports with them," he said.

When he grows up, Avisha would like to be a rapper or a break-dancer. He's teaching himself, but would love to have dance lessons. As far as the rapping, he writes his own lyrics about life.

"Sometimes around me, stuff around me and my feelings," he said.

And he has a lot to write about. Growing up in foster care isn't easy.

"You wish it never happened. Sometimes you want to be with someone you really care about, someone to care about me," he said.

Avisha would like that family to consist of a mom, a dad and several siblings.