Wednesday's Child

Alyssa wants to help kids just like her

SPOKANE, Wash. - Teenage girls often like hanging out with friends, shopping, and getting their hair and make up done.

This week's Wednesday's Child is like that.

And while Alyssa is like any girl her age, she is focused on her future and is planning for a future likely including child care.

Alyssa wants to help kids just like her

"I've always been interested in children ever since I was a child."

In high school, last year Alyssa's favorite class was a child development course. This year she's looking forward to advancing that.

"I will be going, I believe, to Chester elementary working with little kids 2 or 3 days a week."

She feels like she has something to offer kids, especially those who struggle

"I've been through a rough childhood myself," she said.

Alyssa hopes to turn her past into learning experiences that will help others.

She also says she isn't particularly social and she likes alone time.

So, being an only child in an adoptive family would be great for her.

"I've been with, like 5 other kids my whole life," she said.

She's also never really had a father figure; she'd really like to be adopted by a couple, and looks forward to time alone with each parent.

This lovely young lady deserves a family to be there for her, through good times and bad.