Baby girl in hat on lake beach

Myth No. 2: Sunscreen is all you need to stay safe in the sun

So you've lathered yourself up from head to toe with sunscreen. You're safe, right? Not so fast.

You probably missed some spots. Think of your body like one of those diagrams that show different cuts of meat on a cow. Some parts get overlooked while some need an entirely different kind of lotion.

Don't forget your ears and neck. If you've ever burned them, you probably aren't likely to let it happen twice.

Also, don't forget your scalp. It isn't all the bald guys and gals out there who have to worry about burning their domes. Be sure to wear a hat. A hat gives you protection for your scalp, as well as your face.

Don't forget your lips. The American Academy of Dermatology advises you wear a lip balm with SPF 30 protection. Of course, if it were up to them, we'd live in caves, but we digress.