Family running together

No. 3: Get fit -- together

You're thinking: ugh, I'll skip this one -- click. But wait! If you are thinking that, your kids probably would, too.
The trick here is finding something new and unusual. Try brainstorming 10 ideas together.

Pick up your city's park and recreation summer catalog. Look for something offbeat, like a rowing class, archery or training for a kids triathlon. Buy an outdoor ping-pong table. String up a badminton net. Buy your own RipStik (your kids know what this is) and ask them for a lesson.
If they are old enough, empower them to be your fitness trainer, work out together and shoot for an end-of-summer race. Look for a way to make it wacky or cool -- vow to jog along every street on your side of town and map it out after each run.
If you do this right -- working up a red-faced sweat, showing discomfort, traces of vulnerability -- your kids might find that even more compelling than TV.