Lemonade stand for charity

No. 4: Save the world

Think back to questions your children have asked over the years. Why does that man live on the sidewalk? How does trash get in the ocean? Why are they closing the library?
Kids reawaken parents' social consciousness. Make this the summer you find a solution together for a neighborhood or world problem, even a small solution.

To get started, brainstorm some issues and do a little research together. Then get creative and outline some projects that would make your children feel like they made a difference.
A few ideas: Devise an innovative way to help a local nonprofit raise money. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Launch a benefit for Haiti.

Map out a plan for saving energy in your home and track the results on bills. Join an effort to build a school overseas. Organize a protest of government budget cuts that hurt families. Form a kid-driven group to save that library.