Good Question: What's With All the Mustaches?

From your workplace to the grocery store and maybe even into your own home, something creepy is creeping on the faces of many men this month. The facial-hair growing phenomenon seems like a growing trend. So, we wanted to know: what's with all the mustaches? And, members of the Coeur d'Alene Fire Department were happy to let us in on their hairy secret.

They spend their days putting out fires and saving lives. You can easily call Coeur d'Alene firefighters heroes, whose jobs demand the highest levels of training and teamwork. So, when their captain suggested they all do something together, the going got tough and the tough got growing.

"It's a month-long mustache growing contest," explained Captain Greg Rod. Rod and his colleagues will proudly tell you, they don't usually sport soup-strainers on their upper lips. They're doing it for Movember. It's an event that has men the world over dropping their dignity and personal grooming, all for a good cause.

"It's gonna raise awareness for men's health issues; prostate cancer and testicular cancer," said Captain Rod.

Yes, these 'staches have substance. The Coeur d'Alene Firefighters Union wants you to go to their website, bid on your favorite and, if you win, you can shave off the mustache at the end of Movember. Worldwide, Movember raised $42 million dollars for men's health causes. But, while the Movember movement has a serious purpose, the contest in Coeur d'Alene is anything but.

"We have a couple firefighters that, if it wasn't a contest, we wouldn't know that they were participating because they're not able to grow mustaches," said firefighter/paramedic Jeff Fletcher.

There are the overly blonde, the pre-pubescent... Captain Rod sports the very rare mustache-with-braces combo. And, poor Jeff Canfield. He didn't know he didn't have hair follicles on certain parts of his face until he started growing the 'stache this Movember.

Reaction from outside the department has been interesting.

"For the most part, it's positive," said Captain Rod. "Everyone looks at us and kind of points at our mustaches and says either Oh my God - or Oh my God!"

"My kids like it," said Fletcher. "My wife's not too excited about it, but she understands its for a good cause so she'll let it go for the month." Captain Rod said it will be a successful Movember if none of the wives divorced their now-hairy husbands before month's end.

Aside from a shave by a stranger, these firefighters aren't sure yet what the prize will be for the best Movember 'stache. For many, the awareness raised is enough. For others, the real reward will come with a razor on December 1st.

If you want to bid on the firefighters and follow their progress, just go to the union's website: http://cdafirefighters.org/