Good Question: Is Pinterest Just For Women?

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's one of the fastest-growing social networking sites on the internet. Pinterest allows you to create online boards of your favorite things, from workouts to recipes to arts and crafts ideas. Your wife and your sister are probably on it. But, you may be asking: Isn't Pinterest just for women?

Janine Hamilton of Spokane is a frequent pinner. Like many of the sites millions of users, she's found the hazards of spending time on the site. 

"There's this void where time goes when you're on it," Hamilton said. She's been pinning for about a year. She started on Pinterest as more of a hobby, then used it to help plan her daughter's 16th birthday party.

Good Question: Is Pinterest Just For Women?

If you're not familiar, here's a Pinterest primer. The site describes instead as a "virtual pinboard, to organize and share the beautiful things you find on the web." You can create everything from clothes to recipes, shoes, crafts - even cartoons with language not suitable to show on TV.  It seems everyone is pinning, from Arby's to my son's dental office. KXLY4's Kris Crocker has an entire board dedicated to her shoes! You just find something you like and pin it, or just browse to see what others have pinned. 

"I heard about it from a neighbor and friend of mine who was using it," Hamilton said. "She talked about how addicting it was.

According to market research, Hamilton is a very typical pinner. Half of all users have kids, most spend 15.8 minutes at a time on the site. And, like most users, she's a woman. 

"So far its been a very female-dominated site," Hamilton explained. "So, a lot of the ideas and things being pinned are from women. So, it appeals to women more."

So, Pinterest is an easy way to organize your online life. But, with so many flowers, so much pink and so many glittery, sparkly shoes, is there really a place for men on Pinterest?

"32 percent of users on Pinterest are men," explained Josh Wade of Spokane's Nectar Media. "And, it's just going to continue to grow."

Wade is in the minority when it comes to Pinterest, but he's doing his part to bring men around. He even teaches classes on the benefits of Pinterest to your company and your personal brand. He tells his students, Pinterest is not only suitable for men, it's a key component in doing business in 2012. 

"You see pictures of flowers and recipes and crafty things because that's who you choose to follow," said Wade. "As men join and see the benefits of following and re-pinning other guys out there with cars and hunting and fishing, that little niche will go from there."

Not only can you dudes read about home improvement projects, cars and workout tips, you can look at the types of pictures you may already be looking at online - you know, the kind of pictures we can't show on TV. Don't like flowers and pictures of cats? Don't follow those pinners, follow other dudes instead.

"Its kind of like the guilty pleasure," Wade confessed. "They don't want to admit they watch the Bachelor, they're probably not going to admit that they're pinning as well."

As millions more get "Pinterested," it will soon be perfectly acceptable to ask people of both genders, "Can you show us your Pinterest?"