Good Question: How can I get politicians to leave me alone?

No matter how engaged you are in the upcoming election, the phone calls, mailers and door knocks can get a little exhausting sometimes. With the mid-term election just eight days away, those campaign efforts are only going to pick up from here. So, what can you do to stop it?

There's a lot riding on next week's election, and the candidates are spending thousands - and, in some cases, millions - to make sure their message gets to you. You can't do much to stop the barrage of TV ads (and, frankly, as a TV station that makes money from those ads, we'd rather you didn't try!) But, you can curb the door knocks, the phone calls and even some of the mailers, just by doing something you were probably going to do already!

Every day, the political parties request something called a matchback from the elections office. It's a list of all the registered voters in the county and, it lists which voters have returned their ballots. The parties don't want to waste money, so if your ballot is returned, they cross you off the list. No more phone calls. No more door knocks and a lot fewer ads in the mail.

Of course, this only works for Washington voters (sorry, Idaho!). Also, it won't eliminate every call and mailer because some are put out by independent groups. But, the local politicians will likely stop trying to reach you if they know your ballot has already been cast.

It's that simple; the sooner you return your ballot, the sooner the campaigning will stop. As for the TV ads? Well, you'll just have to put up with those a little bit longer. We prefer you don't shut off the TV altogether!