How to entertain kids on road trips

Published On: Jul 24 2012 08:05:55 AM PDT   Updated On: Dec 03 2012 07:40:37 AM PST
Mom and son in car

It is no secret that kids get bored fast while on long road trips. As times change, so does a child’s entertainment. It is important to be creative and have a wide variety of games for children to play on long car rides.


With handheld gaming devices on the rise “old-fashioned” games have been forgotten. Games like “Slug-Bug, No Backs” (Punch Buggy), “Eye-Spy,” cootie catchers and car scavenger hunts help pass the hours.


Teaching a child how to read a map can be one of the most rewarding car ride activities. Not only does it teach them a skill, but it allows them to actively participate in the trip and follow the route being driven.


Bring a notebook along for your child to draw or write stories in while creating a memory book of your trip.


When the interactive games have been exhausted it is time to take advantage of technology. Portable DVD players or DVD systems installed in many cars can be used to show a child his or her favorite movie.


Some cars in 2013 are coming out with a Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow passengers to use the internet while riding along. This will provide older children with the resources they need to do homework or explore the internet while traveling.