On Valentine’s Day, there are more ways than just a gift to show your loved one how much you care. Consider some of these ideas on Valentine’s Day to woo your love.

Couples massage: Getting a couples massage together can be relaxing and romantic. Most spas offer couples massage packages.

Be playful: If your loved one is into competition, try playing your favorite games or sports together on Valentine’s Day.

Let your loved one relax: Sometimes the most appreciated gifts can be the simplest. In a time when we are all running around and busy with work, kids, relationships and hobbies, consider giving your partner a day off all to her or himself to let them relax on Valentine’s Day.

See a play or a movie: Seeing a funny or romantic play or movie on Valentine’s Day can be fun and entertaining.

Surprise!: To really woo your Valentine, consider taking him or her on a mystery date where you make all of the arrangements and surprise him or her with a fabulous and surprising date.

Be sentimental: Valentine’s Day is a day to showcase your love. Take the day to recreate a favorite memory you and your love share, such as your first date or your first kiss.

Get away: Turn Valentine’s Day into a romantic weekend by going out of town for a couple of days to spend some quality time together.