Tippi Hedren Birds Halloween costume

No. 2: Tippi Hedren from "The Birds"

Few directors go together with the thrills of Halloween quite like Alfred Hitchcock. So why not choose to honor The Master of Suspense when designing your homemade costume?

Sure, there's an actual costume available online to turn you into Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock's classic "The Birds," but you don't have to shell out the $50 or work for hours to get this look.

Go to a thrift shop or discount store and look for a greenish blazer and skirt and some cheap black pumps. Next, head to a craft/floral shop such as Michael's and ask if they have any fake bird props, or look online (Anytimecostumes.com, among other sites, sell fake black birds for as little as $2).

Once you've got the props, put on your most freaked-out face and hold up your hands as though you're being attacked.

Trust us, you'll be fending off compliments just like Tippi fought off her winged attackers.

No. 1: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has inspired concertgoers to dig out their inner freak, so why not try a Gaga look for Halloween? (If you're a man, this costume idea would be even more fun.)

The Lady herself might wear ridiculously expensive designer outfits, but you can transform yourself into the "Bad Romance" singer on a dime. For costume pieces, think "household goods" - plastic bubble wrap, large garbage bags, etc.

Cut funky shapes out of aluminum foil, glue them to your dress/bubble wrap/garbage bag-turned-dress, wear a blond wig (or spray-paint your hair yellow), and glue or stick some "bling" onto a pair of fabulous dollar-store sunglasses. Get some cheap glittery or metallic makeup from a discount store and let your imagination run wild.

For shoes, check out the thrift stores and look for wedge heels or tall ankle boots. Carry a fake microphone and, just like that, you've got yourself a costume that will turn heads.

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