Before you see “Divergent” in theaters, take a closer look at the factions that make up the society Tris, Four and the other characters live in.


The Dauntless faction values bravery and courage. They are tasked with guarding the fence that surrounds the city. Their main goals are to conquer their fears and prove their bravery. The members of Dauntless are often intense and daring.

The Dauntless wear black clothing and sport tattoos and piercings.


The Abnegation faction values selflessness.  They believe that if you protect yourself from vanity, greed or envy then you will see everyone as being equal and won’t envy others. Those in Abnegation are often reserved and don’t draw too much attention to themselves.

Those in Abnegation wear very plain, gray clothing. They try to hide their beauty so they only have plain hair styles and they don’t wear any accessories, except for a watch.


The people of the Candor faction believe in always being honest. They value telling the truth above all else.

Since the people in Candor see the truth as being black and white, those are the colors they wear.


The people in the Amity faction value peace. They believe people should love each other, live in peace and avoid aggression. The people of Amity are often peaceful and kind.

Those in Amity wear yellow and red clothing.


The people in Erudite value knowledge. They believe that knowledge is power and that they should be constantly pursuing more knowledge. The people in Erudite are very intelligent.

The Erudite wear at least one item of blue clothing at all times. They believe the color blue allows the body to release relaxing chemicals.


Those who do not complete initiation into the faction they choose become Factionless. These people are left living in poverty and doing menial labor. They are paid for their work in food and clothing, but struggle to get by. These people are separated from the rest of the community.