Frankly, we were rooting for the bad guys in this one.

Perhaps the best part about Blankman is he has a sidekick, Other Guy, who has no super powers or any discernable crime fighting skills at all. Had he had either of the two, we would have gladly added him to our list -- because let's be honest, it doesn't take much to be considered a superhero.

Kind of like our next entry ...

Cypher from X-Men comics

No. 2: Cypher

Ever wish you could read Japanese? Maybe dabble in Spanish and Sanskrit? Then Cypher is your superhero!

Armed with the ability to read any language, Cypher is the hero you call when you lose the instructions to your TV and all you have left is the Korean version.

Cypher could understand and translate any form of communication, be it written, spoken or non-verbal. This was regardless of whether the origin of the language was human, computer or even completely alien -- making him and the previously mentioned Ant-Men kindred spirits. One could control ants, and the other could tell the ants were getting annoyed.

Although the ability to understand computer can be helpful in this tech-savvy era, wouldn't you prefer any number of powers before you got to this one?

Suddenly Steel is looking good again, especially compared to our choice for lamest "superhero" ...

Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna

No. 1: Zan of The Wonder Twins

"Wonder Twins powers, activate. Form of tap-water!"

And that's about it ...

Zan and his twin sister Jayna had maybe the worst powers ever. In order to use them, the Twins would have to touch hands and then say what they wanted to turn into. While Jayna got the better end of the stick, and could transform into any animal she wanted, Zan's choices were limited to forms of water.

Yeah, water.

It could be any solid, liquid or gas versions of water, so he had some options at least. So if he wanted to be a wave, or a patch of ice, or maybe some mist, he was set.

To be fair, he could also turn into an ice cage or something similar, but let's be honest here; unless his plan is to give Sabertooth a bath, he's not much help, and is not our first choice for who we would bet on to save the world.