Catwoman, Halle Berry

No. 1: "Catwoman" - July 2004

Comic book superhero movies are almost guaranteed to be huge summer blockbusters. "Batman," "Superman," "Spider-Man" and even "Iron Man" have attracted audiences in droves.

Apparently, that doesn't hold true for "Catwoman," because this Halle Berry disaster has been skewered by audiences, critics, and we hear, even cats. The fact that it lost almost $60 million is bad enough. But what makes this movie our top pick for worst summer blockbuster debacle is that it really, really deserved it.

This film had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, except possibly for those viewers who enjoy a hot actress slinking around in a cat suit. But even those guys would have trouble recommending this film to anyone but their enemies. This is one movie that should have been scratched from the summer roster before it ever grew paws.