The car chase has always been a cornerstone of the action genre of cinema.

It seems that any movie involving cops and robbers or good guys and bad guys, will at some point lead to one chasing the other at high speeds through winding city streets or back highway roads.

As special effects and stunt coordinating have gotten more advanced through the years, filmmakers have been trying to outdo each other by creating more intense and incredible chase sequences.

Here is a list of some of the most memorable car chases in the history of cinema:

20. Running Scared (1986)

"Running Scared" is a great buddy cop movie starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines. It features a scene where the two Chicago cops chase a drug lord, played by Jimmy Smits, through the city streets and eventually end up driving on elevated train tracks.

19. The Italian Job (1969)

"The Italian Job" captures the attitude of the swinging '60s and features a climactic car chase through the streets of Turin, Italy, as the main characters make their getaway in three Mini Coopers.

What sets this chase apart from others is its campy, fun attitude, as the chase is played more for laughs and amusement than it is for intensity and thrills.

18. Thunder Road(1958)

Robert Mitchum starred in, co-wrote and produced "Thunder Road," which is about a bootlegger running moonshine through the back country roads of Tennessee and Kentucky who is always getting chased by the police.

The film became a cult classic that was screened at many drive-in theaters for decades.

17. Batman Begins (2005)

"Batman Begins" reinvented the tale of the Caped Crusader for a new generation and included a chase scene where the Batmobile ends up on the rooftops of Gotham City, jumping from one to another.

16. Death Proof (2007)

The film "Death Proof" was director Quentin Tarantino’s homage to the exploitation films from the 1970s and features a climactic chase sequence pitting a 1970 Dodge Challenger against a 1969 Dodge Charger.

15. Duel (1971)

Steven Spielberg was only 23 years old when he directed the made-for-TV movie "Duel."

The film is a simple story of a salesman traveling the empty highways of the California desert who is terrorized and stalked by an unseen driver of a large tanker truck.

Spielberg was able to turn the minimal story into a gripping, spine-tingling film, and it is not difficult to see why he was given considerably more money a few years later to make a similar story about an unseen shark terrorizing beachgoers.

14. The Seven-Ups (1974)

The cop film, "The Seven-Ups" incorporates all the things audiences have come to love and expect from an urban chase scene.

Fruit stands go flying, garbage cans are smashed, shotguns are blasted, innocent children are almost run over and it all ends in a fantastical and almost unbelievable crash.

13. Goldfinger (1964)

James Bond has had many amazing car chases throughout his 21 -- going on 22 -- film adventures, and no list of great car chases would be complete without Agent 007.