He's worked consistently since then, but he will forever be known as Biff. Any show he appears in, he is instantly recognized as Biff. In fact, he was in an episode of "House" a couple years ago, and the whole time we were waiting for him to call one of the doctors "Butthead."

Happily, he's had a rich voiceover career to help pay the bills.

Our next bully never knew the meaning of brotherly love ...

Bill Paxton as Chet in Weird Science

No. 2: Chet Donnelly from "Weird Science"

After seeing "Weird Science" we knew three things to be true -- Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith were poised to be superstars! Well, two out of three ain't bad.

We may not have heard anything out of Mitchell-Smith after he and Hall crafted Kelly LeBrock with their computer, but one star was able to ride his role all the way to successive big screen hits.

Bill Pullman ... er ... Bill Paxton (pardon us -- easy mistake) was able to leverage the role of Chet -- the cigar chomping, older brother who was home on a break from military school (interestingly, Paxton was 30 at the time) into success.

Throughout the movie he torments Hall and Smith. Not even his charms could keep LeBrock from turning him into one really disgusting, slimy creature we still can't shake the image of.

Last Up? Three words: sweep ... the ... leg ...

William Zabka, Martin Kove, Karate Kid

No. 1: Johnny Lawrence from "The Karate Kid"

This guy did it all -- he terrorized our doe-eyed protagonist; had mad karate skills; and wooed the hot chick.

And, like every movie bully, he makes himself feel better by demoralizing our hero, hooking up with said chick, but then loses it all in an over-the-top show of hubris when he gets smacked back down to Earth.

But while Johnny Lawrence from "Karate Kid" is notable in this list, it's the actor who played (nay, channeled) Lawrence who was the archetype for all '80s bullies.

William Zabka played, basically, the same role in a number of well-known '80s flicks. In addition to "Karate Kid" one and two, he also enriched "Back to School" and "Just One of the Guys." Every '80s movie bully owes a debt of gratitude to him, and so do we.

No word yet on when he'll be on "Dancing with the Stars."