Kathleen Turner, Then Now

No. 3: Kathleen Turner

1981's "Body Heat" introduced us to a super hot young actress named Kathleen Turner. Throughout the '80s, she got sexier and sexier (and her legs seemed to get longer and longer).

She famously lit up the screen in movies like "Romancing the Stone" and "Peggy Sue Got Married." And it didn't hurt that she had that deep, sultry voice either. And while Jessica Rabbit was sexily drawn, it was Kathleen's voice that really turned her into a cartoon bombshell.

But the years have not been good to her. Like so many other popular actors, her career started to slide, and her sexy looks just followed.

That deep, throaty voice isn't so sexy anymore. Now it just sounds like she has a cigarette in one hand and a slot machine handle in the other.