• Philip Seymour Hoffman: No 'trust fund kids'

    Philip Seymour Hoffman


    Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't want his children to become "trust fund kids" so he left his fortune to his girlfriend, a court document said.

    By Alan Duke CNN
  • Tree dedicated to Beatle killed by beetles


    Steve Mathieson

    A tree dedicated to the memory of Beatle George Harrison, whose solo career included the hit "What is Life," has met a grisly end to its life from the jaws of voracious bark beetles.

  • Ray J Norwood charged with sexual battery

    Ray J Norwood

    REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

    Ray J Norwood has been charged with four misdemeanors in a case in which he's accused of grabbing a woman's buttocks, smashing a police car window and spitting on a cop.

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