c. contact-lens wearers

d. people older than 50

6. Which of these will help reduce eyestrain when you work at a computer?

a. frequent blinking

b. shifting focus from near to far object

c. eliminating glare on the screen

d. all of the above

7. How often should adults age 18 to 50 have an eye exam?

a. every five years

b. every two years

c. annually

d. when you have difficulty seeing

8. Which of these vision problems do laser and non-laser refractive surgery correct?

a. nearsightedness

b. farsightedness

c. astigmatism

d. all of the above

9. Which of these diseases can cause blindness?

a. heart disease

b. asthma

c. diabetes

d. lung cancer

10.Which of these eye-care professionals is qualified to perform surgery?

a. optician

b. ophthalmologist