• South Hill businesses welcome reopening of 14th Ave.

    A big sigh of relief for people living and working on the South Hill in Spokane as 14th Avenue near Lincoln is back open.

  • More concerns for Riverside Village residents

    In an effort to take control of their community, homeowners at Riverside Village Mobile Home are seeking the help of American Manufactured Homeowners Group of Washington.

  • City inundated with complaints over new parking meters

    Spokane City Council members have been inundated with complaints about new parking meters that were recently installed near Lewis and Clark High School and Deaconess Hospital, with many claiming they were never notified the meters were going in.

  • Adrian Peterson mug shot

    Montgomery County Sheriff Office

    Legal issues to keep Peterson off the field

    Running back Adrian Peterson will not play for the Minnesota Vikings until his legal issues are resolved, the team said early Wednesday.

    It's a reversal of course for the Vikings. The team had earlier said that Peterson, who is facing a child abuse c...

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