• New pot shop opens in Spokane Valley

    Sativa Sisters is the 48th licensed pot shop to open in Washington state and will be serving up recreational marijuana from their Spokane Valley storefront.

  • Freshmen descend on Gonzaga

    The annual pilgrimage kicked off Friday morning as freshman migrated into their new dorms on the Gonzaga campus to get ready for their first day of classes Tuesday.

  • Avista begins dam construction project

    Avista has begun work on the Post Falls Dam, which is in need of some much-needed repairs.

  • Burned out bus car in eastern Ukraine

    REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

    Putin: Don't mess with a nuclear-armed Russia

    Don't mess with Russia. That was President Vladimir Putin's message on Friday, the same day a British government source claimed that Russian troops had significantly ratcheted up their military incursion into Ukraine.

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