• Heroin overdoses spike in Spokane

    Spokane is seeing an alarming increase in heroin overdoses since the beginning of 2015, according to the Spokane Fire Department and the Spokane Regional Health District.

  • Leonard Nimoy Mr. Spock

    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Fans honor Nimoy with tweets, Vulcan salute

    In a moment Friday, the social-media debate over whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black was silenced.

    Suddenly there was more sobering news. Leonard Nimoy, "Star Trek's" beloved Mr. Spock, had died.

    His co-stars, fellow celebrities and fa...

  • U.S. truffles niche small but lucrative

    Brad Barket/Getty Images

    Unearthing America's truffle trove a lucrative niche

    Jim Sanford and his dog Tom can be found on the hunt in Tennessee's foothills, searching for the highly prized underground fungus known as the truffle.

  • Adnan Syed seeks new trial in slaying of ex-girlfriend

    Fugitive American minister caught in Brazil

    Victor Arden Barnard, an American pastor wanted for 59 counts of sexual assaults in Minnesota, was arrested by Brazilian authorities on Friday, the office of the governor for the State of Rio Grande do Norte said Saturday.

    The 53-year-old suspect was...



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