• Spokane Police review has national implications

    While it's up to the City of Spokane as to how it will work through the Justice Department's recommendations on the police department's use of force policies, there are broader implications across the country that stem from the review that could serve as a model when it comes to local police reform and building trust with the community.

  • Chrysler

    William Walker/CNN

    Chrysler expands recall to 3.3 million vehicles

    Under pressure from federal regulators, Chrysler will expand a recall of cars and trucks equipped with Takata airbags.

  • Dianne Feinstein

    Brian Yaklyvich/CNN

    Sony hack renews cybersecurity push

    White House Economic Council Director Jeff Zients pointed fingers at Congress on Thursday for not acting fast enough on cybersecurity legislation, in the wake of news that North Korea was behind the Sony Entertainment cyberattack.

    "We're doing what w...

  • Rogen Franco Interview poster

    Columbia Pictures

    Mad about N. Korea? Hack back, group says

    Jo Jin-hye, who escaped North Korea, wanted to watch "The Interview." The comedy lampoons North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose dynasty she loathes.

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