• Live from Radio Row

    One of our goals down in Phoenix is to give everyone a behind the scenes look at the total experience of the Super Bowl. One of the best scenes that most never get a chance to see is radio row, with radio shows from all over the nation come together and broadcast from one big room.

  • Ridpath renovation shifts into gear

    Rundown and abandoned for years, the eyesore that became the Ridpath Hotel is finally getting some of its luster back, as construction is underway to renovate the downtown hotel and turn it into affordable downtown living space.

  • Four transients arrested for South Hill murder

    Spokane Major Crimes detectives have arrested four people in connection with a South Hill murder last weekend.

  • Comcast

    Spokane family shocked by vulgar Comcast bill

    A Comcast customer in Spokane received a shocking bill in the mail, but it wasn't the amount due that had her stunned.

  • Number of black CEOs dwindles

    Courtesy: A. Express; Delph; Merck; Carnival; Xerox

    Just 5 black CEOs at 500 biggest companies

    The highest echelon of Corporate America just became even more white.

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