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  • Robber hits McDonalds at Belt and Wellesley

    Spokane Police are investigating a third fast food restaurant robbery in as many days in North Spokane.

  • New owner cleans up coffee stand's tainted reputation

    Starting up your own business is never easy but it could be twice as hard if customers thought the coffee stand 509 Grind's new owners are the same people who played on the community's equality sympathies be perpetuating a self-serving hoax to turn a bigger profit.

  • Battle brewing over bed and breakfasts

    A battle over bed and breakfasts has sparked in Spokane, pitting new online rentals against longtime business owners, and now the City of Spokane is getting in the middle of it.

  • Ferry Captain hides face

    Arrest warrant issued for ferry captain, 2 crew members

    An arrest warrant has been issued for the captain of the ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea, an accident that killed 28 people and left nearly 270 missing. Two other crew members also face arrest, a spokesman for the joint prosecutor and police investigators said.


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